Colombia Yinyini FTO
$ 21.00

Flavor Notes | Black Currant, Guava Hard Candy, Hibiscus, Vanilla Bean
Growing Area | Finca La Estrella, Planadas, Colombia
Process | Natural Process 
Variety | Tabi


COLOMBIA YINYINI is a certified Fair Trade Organic coffee produced by Yinyini Avilez, a small holder farmer and founding member of the ASOPAP cooperative. Yinyini's drive to experiment with different processing methods and his focus on only producing the highest quality coffee has made him an influential leader in his community, and has made the coffees that he produces on his farm, La Estrella, highly sought after. When he is not working on his coffee farm, Yinyini loves to play soccer- he competed in a nationwide league of coffee producers for years. 

For this microlot in particular, Yinyini opted to use an anaerobic fermentation technique, which adds depth to the overall flavor profile of the coffee. This coffee is big-bodied, fruity, silky, complex and highly unique- pretty much everything we're looking for in a naturally processed Colombian offering.

COLOMBIA YINYINI is available as a limited offering, so grab a bag while you can!


Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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