$ 1,750.00

Freshest Coffee
Each portion is ground individually into the port-a-filter. No stale coffee, no need to clean out a dosing chamber on a daily basis. No loss of coffee.

Cool Grinding
New flow optimized high precision cutting discs guarantee cool grinding, even on very busy days.

Exact Portioning
Electronically controlled, very exact, consistent dosage and grind profile ensure consistent pour rates. About 1.9 sec. per single espresso.


Grinder starts automatically when inserting the port-a-filter. Simple and accurate adjustment of grind fineness. 19 different grind settings.
Optimum Range of Use
The holder of the port-a-filter is adjustable for all types of espresso machines.
Quiet Operation
The K 30 ES is the most quiet grinder. Traditional grinders are usually very noisy and disturb guests in a bar and also the staff.
Modularity for Cleaning and Service
In less than one minute the grinder can be disassembled by the operator for cleaning or maintenance. This allows frequent cleaning and hygienic grinding.