Uganda Mount Elgon Natural
$ 17.00

Flavor Notes | Blackberry, Apricot, Tea-like body
Growing Area | Sironko. Eastern Uganda
Process | Natural Process 
Variety | SL-14 and SL-28

This incredible coffee was produced by a farmer collective called the Great Lakes Coffee Cooperative, based in the area around the town of Sironko in Eastern Uganda. If you are not familiar with the Mount Elgon National Park on the border of Uganda and Kenya, do yourself a favor and give it a quick google. The land on which this coffee was grown is part of a vast and stunning natural volcanic habitat dating back an estimated 24 million years, and the coffee is pretty impressive in its own right. If you were a fan of our recent Buku Peaberry from Ethiopia, we suggest you give this offering a shot at your taste buds. The special prep natural processing of these beautifully uniform beans produces some truly wild and fruity flavors and aromas. 

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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