Peru Urubamba
$ 17.50

Flavor Notes | Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Herbal
Growing Area | Quillabamba, Cusco, Peru
Process | Fully Washed 
Variety | Catuai and Caturra


URUBAMBA is a Fair Trade Certified Organic coffee produced by the COCLA Farmers Cooperative, which was formed 53 years ago by a group of coffee farmers looking to secure better opportunities and more firmly hold claim to their rights. The group focused on improving the living conditions of its members and has since graduated to focusing on improving coffee cup quality and meeting the business needs of its members. The co-op is located in southern Peru, in the department of Cusco, near the citadel of Machu Picchu. Most of its members are of Inca heritage.

The vast distribution of its members allows COCLA to offer a range of coffee profiles. Farm altitudes range from 1,400 masl to 2,200 masl and together cover 2,972 hectares of Organic Certified farm land. The co-op also focuses on serving its communities, especially the province of La Convención, by investing in the construction of roads and schools and the setup of health posts. COCLA’s producers are small, organized farmers who work the land themselves, usually with the support of their families and neighbors. They also take care of the land and grow organic food for themselves alongside the coffee plants.

Urubamba is a coffee with a big, silky body, notes of rich dark chocolate, citric acidity, and a subtle herbal finish.


Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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