Kenya Nguku Muranga
$ 17.50

Flavor Notes | Black Tea, Orange Marmalade, Juicy Peach
Growing Area | Muranga County, Kahuhia District, Kenya
Process | Fully Washed
Variety | SL 28

We asked our Kenyan buddy how to pronounce the name of this coffee, and yeah, we're still not great at it. More importantly, we asked him what he thought of our roast profile on this gem and got a big thumbs up in return. Nguku Muranga is a superbly complex and delicate coffee. Orange zest acidity, juicy body, aroma of fine Darjeeling tea, and the sweetness of a big fat peach. This offering is a perfect example of what is truly special about Kenyan coffees. We could not recommend it more highly.

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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