Kenya Kericho
$ 20.00

Flavor Notes | Satsuma, Sugar Cane, Apricot
Growing Area | Kipkelion, Kenya
Process | Fully Washed 
Variety | Ruiru 11, SL28, SL34

Rounding out our trifecta of delicious Kenyan offerings from this past growing season, let us introduce you to our new KENYA KERICHO! 

KERICHO was produced by the women of the Kabngetuny Farmers Cooperative Society. While women have always played a large role in Kenyan coffee production and most coffee production globally, they typically own a disproportionately small portion of the trees themselves. This coffee was produced in partnership with a program called Growing Women in Coffee- a program that seeks to give women more ownership over their harvest and incentivize economic and social empowerment among the women of the Kenyan coffee world.

This coffee is handpicked and repeatedly inspected for ripeness and consistency. Once pulped and fermented, the parchment is washed and dried on raised beds. Frequent raking ensures even drying. Only the AA grade (largest beans) are used for this coffee. 

Kericho has the soft, sweet tang of a ripe satsuma, with a hint of stone fruit and raw sugar.


Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

Fresh roasted, ships on Mondays and Thursdays via two-day priority mail