Ethiopia Gedeo Hama
Ethiopia Gedeo Hama Ethiopia Gedeo Hama
$ 16.00

Flavor Notes | Floral, Juicy, Strawberries and Cream
Growing Area | Kochere, Ethiopia
Process | Natural
Variety | Heirloom Varietals

We are proud to introduce this clean and crisp naturally processed coffee from our direct trading partners at Lean Coffee. Gedeo Hama is grown on small garden lots and processed at the highest level of quality possible. The result is a coffee that is both floral and fruity, but clean and mellow in the long. It's silky body and juicy sweetness make this one of our favorite offerings of the year so far.

Who should drink this:  For the uninitiated, Gedeo Hama is a great introduction to naturally processed coffees. If Naturals are already your thing, you will love the subtle complexity that this coffee has to offer.

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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