Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho Organic
$ 16.50

Flavor Notes | Ripe Cherry, Lavender, Complex
Growing Area
 | Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia
Process | Naturally processed, dried on raised beds
Variety | Indigenous heirloom cultivars

Bedhatu Jibicho, the namesake of this amazing coffee, has been managing coffee production on her family farm for over fifty years. Now in her early 80's, her children have taken over much of the operation. But her decades of knowledge and experience continue to influence the quality of her family's signature offering. 

Ethiopia Bedhatu Jibicho is a coffee that displays beautifully balanced acidity, with a deep cherry sweetness and out of this world floral complexity. Unlike some Natural coffees, it is not only unique to excite any coffee enthusiast, but also incredibly approachable to the casual drinker. 

Who should drink This: Those who enjoy a beautifully structured, fruit-forward and floral natural-processed Ethiopia.


Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams


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