Colombia Mermelada
$ 19.00

Flavor Notes | Concord Grape, Elderflower, Limeade
Growing Area | Caldas, Colombia
Process | Natural Process
Variety | Caturra

Mermelada is a unique, experimental coffee grown by producer Felipe Restrepo, and processed and imported by Forest Coffees of Colombia. During processing, the ripe cherry was put through an anaerobic fermentation cycle, submerged in water for a full 48 hours, and then slowly dried on raised beds. Mermelada has the bold, fruity notes of a traditionally processed natural coffee, with a clean finish reminiscent of a fully washed caturra. Its bright grape and citrus flavors blend seamlessly with floral sweetness and a pronounced dark chocolate base note, finishing with a sweet aftertaste that'll leave you wanting more. Only available for a limited time!


Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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