Colombia Los Naranjos
$ 16.00

Flavor Notes | Anjou Pear, Walnut, Sugar Cane
Growing Area | Huila, Colombia
Process | Fully Washed 
Variety | Caturra, Bourbon, Typica

Los Naranjos is a small farmer cooperative that began in 2001 and has since grown to 97 members, producing over 2,000 bags of specialty coffee per year. This is the third and final Colombia we have offered this season, and man are we closing things out with a bang. Los Naranjos abounds with natural sweetness and the gentle crisp acidity of a ripe green pear. We've been drinking it every morning for a week and just can't seem to get sick of the stuff. Try it in a Chemex to maximize those crisp, sweet notes, or toss it in a french press to get a bold, rich cup that's sure to get you off the couch in a snap. 

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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