Colombia El Obraje
$ 16.50

Flavor Notes | Hibiscus, Blood Orange, Big-bodied
Growing Area | Nariño, Colombia
Process | Fully Washed 
Variety | Caturra

Producer Pablo Andreas Guerrero handles every step of production at his farm, Hacienda El Obraje, including farming, harvesting, washing, drying, and milling. Seven years ago, he began focusing on fermentation time, washing techniques, and transitioned to producing specialty coffees, with all the required
attention to detail. Pablo manages El Obraje carefully, planning which lots to renovate in order to produce the most and the best harvest each year.

Who should drink this: El Obraje is a coffee for those who want a little extra character in their cup. Its bright acidity and depth of flavor will not disappoint.

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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