Ethiopia Goro
$ 17.50

Flavor Notes | Jasmine, Mango, Lemon Verbena
Growing Area | Hambela, Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Process | Natural
Variety | Indigenous Heirloom Varietals

This coffee comes from the Goro Washing station, located in an area of Hambella that is newer to coffee cultivation than neighboring regions. Since the station is located at an extremely high altitude, natural coffees take 40 days to dry. This requires a truly herculean effort in quality control on the part of Abiyot, the station manager. And truth be told, he crushed it wit this one. Goro has an incredible dry aroma like a tropical fruit tart and is relentlessly sweet, both hot and as it cools. If you tend to like our taste in naturals, this one will most certainly not disappoint.

Net Weight: 12 ounces / 340 grams

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